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NO REFUNDS: All regular (non-gacha) products are No Modify | No Transfer | Copy ONLY.DEMOS: Please try all the demos available before purchasing an item. No refund, and No exchange. DEMOs are in full form and FREE.FAILED TRANSACTIONS: Please teleport to our INWORLD STORE for redelivery.DUPLICATE PURCHASES: Our vendors are equipped with the latest Caspervend scripts and all duplicate purchases, failed delivery and other related issues will be refunded automatically.


silent leeder

Jiho is the owner of Silent Town, Brand Image Manager and Master Builder at 홍대Hongdae Event, and the Master Builder and Sim Manager of Dystopia City a one stop shop of original content creations from the best of the bests creators in Second Life. And last but not the least he is the creative mind and mesh creator behind Deadly Pixels.

isaacii resident

Kaleb is one of the owners of 홍대Hongdae Event, the creator behind Kartel Originals, owner and managing Dystopia City together with Jiho and other creators in the sim. He is also the rigger of great content creations at Deadly Pixels.



For any inquiries, please send a notecard to DeadlyPixelsSL Resident and we will be addressing your concern within 24 hours. Thank you so much

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